WebinarKit Review

An auto webinar platform for a one-time price? Surely this is going to be sh***

When I started seeing ads for an automated webinar platform called Webinar Kit in my newsfeed it had to be checked out…

And to be honest, I went in assuming it was going to be garbage, because let’s face it, most ‘auto webinar’ platforms are. Plus I generally dislike auto webinars because most people who use them try to pretend it’s live when it isn’t and I don’t think any good customer/vendor relationship should be built on lies!

I’ve used auto webinars in the past to generate leads and sales and to deliver training. The key is, I have never pretended any of them were actually live. Most were advertised as ‘live replays’ which were running at a specific time so I (or a team member) could be live in the chat to answer questions, etc.

Why did I stop using auto-webinars if they worked so well?

Three main reasons really;

  1. The user interfaces were slow and clunky. Easy Webinar Player took way too long to configure and set up every time you needed to create a new automated webinar. It worked as a platform, but not in any of the ways I needed it to. Speed is important to me and auto webinars should be a few copy/pastes and a few dozen clicks and you’re done. EWP wasn’t that and in my opinion, still isn’t.
  2. The technology offered is often broken. Webinar Jam, for example, was good, but it’s broken since the last Chrome updates, the webinars don’t start automatically, and even though they now charge monthly for the service, they don’t seem to be in a rush to fix these obvious and glaring bugs.
  3. The technology was hugely expensive. There are some auto webinar platforms out there that work well, but you won’t find a really decent one for under $300 a month. This puts them out of reach for many. I grabbed EWP when it was a one-time deal, and it paid for itself many times over before I finally threw in the towel with it. Webinar Jam was one I wished I’d bought as a one-time, but didn’t and now seeing it not working properly means I don’t regret the decision.

 So what does WebinarKit offer that’s so different?

Let me just make it clear that Curt and I did an extensive live video review of this product inside Society11, and while we won’t go into all the detail that we went into there, it’s important to understand just how thoroughly we tested this product. We’ve had access since the end of last week and have really put WebinarKit through its paces.

Stefan Ciancio at WebinarKit has been selling this product privately for a while now and they have 1500 users, and he’ll stand behind every promise he makes on the sales page, and boy does he make a bucket load…

  • Looks good and works on ALL devices and major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are supported regardless of operating system. No clunky plugin or app installation required!
  • Good looking, proven, converting registration pages that don’t take ages to set up.
  • Live-like webinars with live chat (optional). Live chat lets you interact with your webinar attendees as if it were a fully live webinar! Your attendees can watch your pre-recorded webinar video while directly communicating with you and others via a live chat box. With real time live chat, you can supercharge your webinar engagement like never before!
  • Simple (and useful) analytics. Easily view all of your most important webinar metrics. Registration page conversion rates, webinar drop out times, average attendance rates, clicks to your offers, and much more. WebinarKit gives you all of that information in one easy to read interface.
  • Email question box. Let your attendees quickly and easily interact with you or your team via an email question box on your webinar. Attendee messages and questions are sent directly to your email allowing you to respond directly from any device. This means you don’t need to micromanage and watch over your webinars, you can just respond to messages and questions as they come in, no matter where in the world you are.
  • Plenty of integration with leading auto responder systems, basic Zapier integration and easy conversion tracking.

Not to mention how much they go on about their competition being buggy, and when you use that as major selling point, you better be sure your platform never suffers from the same kind of thing, and based on our conversation with the vendor, I think it’s safe to say they have it well covered.

So does it live up to all the claims made on its sales page and is it worth considering for purchase?

If you want the TL;DR version – yes it does and yes it is.

What should you be aware of before buying WebinarKit?

WebinarKit is genuinely available for a one time price at the time of writing. Their business plan is to go monthly, and let’s face it, they’ll be able to with the features they’re offering. But there are some ‘upgrades’ they will offer you and in my opinion some of the upgrades are must-have features for me and so realistically you are going to spend more than the $67 asking price for the base version.

Here’s the upgrades you’re offered in the WebinarKit sales funnel…

The front end offer for the $67 is for the standard version. You are then offered;

OTO 1: WebinarKit Pro – $77 ONE TIME.

A bargain when you consider this upgrade gives you built-in video hosting (Say goodbye to 3rd party video platforms!), polls and handouts to boost engagement, additional high converting registration pages, one click replay pages, and embeddable registration forms.

OTO 2: WebinarKit Chatbot – $47 ONE TIME.

This adds simulated chat to your auto-webinars (it is not as the name might make you think, a bot that can answers questions). But if you want the “admin” to welcome everyone 30 seconds into the presentation… This is how you do it. You can also simulate audience questions, which is proven to skyrocket audience satisfaction and engagement.

OTO 3: WebinarKit Agency – $97 (per 99 clients)

With WebinarKit Agency, you can turn your WebinarKit account into a marketing agency that gets high paying monthly clients. Plus they even give training on how to find these high paying clients without ever having to get on the phone, using copy and paste templates!

This is $97, and appears to be for up to 99 clients. I presume if you reach that many you then simply buy another agency account.

Personally this sort of opportunity isn’t my bag, so I didn’t dig too much deeper into this.

What I like about WebinarKit…

It’s quick and easy to set up a webinar. I’d pretty much got one ready to promote in ten minutes the first time I used it (and that was before I looked at any of the help files!). It really does live up to all the promises made on the sales page, which should be a given, but in this day and age so many sales pages write checks they can’t cash.

Some of the features are a little basic feeling, but they all work and do what they are supposed to do.

What I don’t like about Webinar Kit…

The integrations are lacking for me at the moment, but not enough for it to be a deal breaker. My preferred autoresponder isn’t yet supported and the Zapier integration is very basic (just passes email address). Also the data export to CSV only gives email address and not their name. Again this is something they will no doubt improve, but at the time of doing the review these features lack a little.

Am I buying and do I recommend WebinarKit?

Yes I am going to buy and use this. And while you will obviously have your own requirements, for me the first two OTO’s add so much to the power of the system that I think you’d be mad not to grab them. The third is only worth considering if you want to get into the business of selling this as a service.

So my total spend is going to be $191, but that’s a one time purchase with no monthly fees from someone who has a track record for putting out and supporting their products. I’ll recoup the entire investment in days.

The Pro’s and Cons Summarised.

Pros: One time price from a vendor who historically has done one time deals and supported and grown them. A lot of powerful features for the money.

Cons: Exporting of data and the integrations are all very basic. They are on their roadmap for development, but my policy is to always buy based on what the product does NOW, rather than what it ‘might become.’

Where can you get your copy of WebinarKit for a one time price?

Glad you asked. Click Here for the One time price deal on Webinarkit.


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