Scroll Stopping, Pattern Interrupting Technology Gets Your Posts and Ads Noticed on Social Media…

Do you know the hardest thing about social media?

Getting noticed among all the noise!

This is where age old ‘pattern interrupts’ can really play an important part…

Last week we had Robert Borsuk as our guest on our Read more

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Give yourself the Webcam Advantage!

If you’re on my email list then you’ll know I’ve been raving about a training course called WebCam Advantage by Steve Mellor.

Last week Curt and I interviewed Steve in our private marketing group, Society11.

Here’s the interview:

You Read more

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The bullshit reasons you give yourself to justify why you’re not making a decent online income…

What do these statements have in common?

“I don’t have anything to sell”

“I don’t know how to pick a niche”

“No one knows me and I have no qualifications”

“I’m not an expert at anything”

They are  Read more

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Three really cool and interesting ideas (#3 is a doozy!)

There’s a good chance there’s something for everyone in this post and I am saving the best to last (but no cheating and skipping to number three! If you do you could be missing out on some gems Read more

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How to Create the Perfect Sales Letter That Sells Like Crazy and Makes the Prospect Want You Now!

Writing to sell is not all twinkle and fairy dust.

It’s an extremely important, and very learnable skill, which helps you sell your crafts over, whether you go about the process consciously, or through sheer trial and error, you’ll Read more

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How to get all your outsourcing jobs done right the first time.

It drives my students crazy!

What does?

Telling them to outsource anything they don’t really want to do themselves…


Let’s face it…

Outsourcing can be a real pain in the neck.

The idea of it sounds great on Read more

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Brutally Honest Review Fat Stacks by Kam Jennings a.k.a. Kam Fatz.

On our weekly review show inside this week we took a deep dive into the latest offering from Kam Jennings.

Here’s the highlights of the review for Kam’s product.

As you’ll see in the video, I think Read more

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An auto webinar platform for a one-time price? Surely this is going to be sh***

WebinarKit Review

When I started seeing ads for an automated webinar platform called Webinar Kit in my newsfeed it had to be checked out…

And to be honest, I went in assuming it was going to be garbage, because let’s face Read more

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How to create a course people will love and pay for!

How to Create a Course Your Customers Will Really Love

How to Create a Course Your Customers Will Really Love

Whether you’re talking about a text-based course or a video course, customers tend to love these types of products.  And you’ll love selling them, since the high perceived Read more

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Watch as we go through the Phoenix sales funnel, and do a LIVE review…

Phoenix by Mark Barrett real honest review

I look at dozens and dozens of products. But when a vendor doesn’t want to let me review something…

It has to be dodgy right?  I’d hoped not, but as you will see…

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Sneakily tapping into people’s emotions for increased sales.

People love to tell you they are logical and rational, and that they make decisions based on the facts.

But what people say and what they do are two different things.

Between you and me, people make decisions based Read more

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Coming up with a winning pricing strategy.

Pricing structures play a key part in your ability to turn a prospect into a customer.

In this article we’re going to deep-dive into a number of strategies that expert marketers use to achieve this.

Know Your Audience

It Read more

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