BuzzPress – A viral site builder that’s fast, easy and effective?

Ever stopped to wonder why those viral buzz sites are so popular?

It’s simple really…

They work.

The content is super-sharable so viral traffic soon kicks in and those sites run ads that they earn money from.

Guess what?

Some time ago I took that exact idea and started building sites like them, but I ran ads on mine that instead of paying 1%-10% on a sale, pay 50% and higher.

That means that even if you’re driving a tiny bit of traffic you still earn big from the sales generated.

Then you simply daisy chain a few of these sites together so they cross-promote each other and you’ve built your own mini viral pbn…

See the power now?

But… There was a massive problem…

Everytime I wanted to deploy one of these sites I had to install WordPress, a theme, some plugins and then find and post suitable content that could be shared on social media…

And then you have to post a few times day just to get things rolling and to be honest, most folk give up before they see the return.

How one man has solved all those problems…

Fellow veteran Internet marketer Ariel Sanders had the idea of making all of that virtually automatic.

And he’s done it!

With a product called BuzzPress that enabled me to create this site from start to finish in less than four minutes, including finding and pulling in the content!

Now obviously in that four minutes I didn’t configure my autoresponder or bother to make or outsource a logo for the branding, but you can see that wouldn’t take long at all!

The fact is, all the time consuming parts were virtually instant with BuzzPress!

OTO’s and upsells…

There are a few upsells and the chances are, you’re going to want to pick up a couple of them because they make this system and unstoppable machine in my opinion.

The ones to watch for are OTO1 @$37 (more if you don’t check it out today) and OTO3, also at $37 during launch.

OTO1 helps automate the social traffic side of things and OTO3 is an auto-content scraper so you can literally set it and forget it.

The other upsells do things like add an online store to your buzz sites. Personally I don’t need or want this because I use these sites for traffic generation, list building, pixelling and affiliate sales.

On top of all that, BuzzPress comes with the best support and backup from a well respected marketer.

Start your own viral buzz site network today!

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