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How I write 95% of my sales copy (hint: I “cheat” with a simple system)

I often get asked about copywriting and how I turn out great sales pages so quickly.The answer is dull.I cheat.To be fair, it’s not any kind of naughty cheating…It’s just a simple “system”.The same system is applied to almost any information product or software sales copy that I write and here’s the bit that will […]

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Letting you look at what a veteran, established Internet Marketer is purchasing…

You know I don’t promote many of the “launches” these days. Most of them are crap that has been created just for the sake of having a product out there. Something that’s needed no real effort, a brain fart that worked once and so they made it into a method and gave it a name […]

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Boosting Your Email Response Rates (and Profits)

If you have an email list, then one of your top priorities is to boost the response rate of that list. In other words, you want to engage your readers. You want them to click on your emails and then hang on your every word… In fact you want them to sit by their inboxes […]

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