The bullshit reasons you give yourself to justify why you’re not making a decent online income…

What do these statements have in common?

“I don’t have anything to sell”

“I don’t know how to pick a niche”

“No one knows me and I have no qualifications”

“I’m not an expert at anything”

They areĀ  Read more

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You probably don’t have what it takes to have your own online business.

This was originally posted six months ago, but is so important I've reposted it so it will be seen and help more people. Read more
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Brutally Honest Review Fat Stacks by Kam Jennings a.k.a. Kam Fatz.

On our weekly review show inside this week we took a deep dive into the latest offering from Kam Jennings.

Here’s the highlights of the review for Kam’s product.

As you’ll see in the video, I think Read more

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Honest Review: Instant Commission Site System

In this video I dig into a product you are probably going to hear a lot about if you’re on lots of lists because affiliates all want their commission and the prize money, even if what they are telling Read more

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Stop Eating Baby Food.

I’ve not done a rant in a while… So here goes!

Do you know what the biggest problem with most “Internet Marketing Newbies” is?

It’s that most of them…

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This is The Trewth.

Someone asked me the other day why I called my new book “The Trewth.”

Here’s what I told them…

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