How to Create the Perfect Sales Letter That Sells Like Crazy and Makes the Prospect Want You Now!

Writing to sell is not all twinkle and fairy dust.

It’s an extremely important, and very learnable skill, which helps you sell your crafts over, whether you go about the process consciously, or through sheer trial and error, you’ll Read more

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An auto webinar platform for a one-time price? Surely this is going to be sh***

WebinarKit Review

When I started seeing ads for an automated webinar platform called Webinar Kit in my newsfeed it had to be checked out…

And to be honest, I went in assuming it was going to be garbage, because let’s face Read more

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Coming up with a winning pricing strategy.

Pricing structures play a key part in your ability to turn a prospect into a customer.

In this article we’re going to deep-dive into a number of strategies that expert marketers use to achieve this.

Know Your Audience

It Read more

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My Insane Bonus Offer For Funnel Sleuth

A few months ago Loy Puckett arranged to interview me (more like an interrogation) on the secrets to successful sales funnels.

He has now turned that into a superb training course called “Funnel Sleuth” in which he exposes everything Read more

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