Free email list segregating tool

Although most of you will probably already have automation rules set up to remove someone from the free list when they get added to our buyer list, there is nothing stopping them from downloading another free gift and ending up on the free list again…

If you use one of the standard services like Aweber or GetResponse you actually end up paying multiple times for the same subscriber because they charge you for each instance that they appear on a list.

Here’s my solution which you can have FREE!

What this software does is take two lists, a lead list and a buyers list and compares them and returns a list of any email addresses that are on both lists. Now it’s a simple matter to use the list hygiene feature of your list provider to remove these from the lead lists. It’s SaaS that you can use in any modern web browser.

Access the software here:

The video below demonstrates this simple software. The software was built using SaaSet, a tool that lets you make SaaS products with no programming.