My Insane Bonus Offer For Funnel Sleuth

A few months ago Loy Puckett arranged to interview me (more like an interrogation) on the secrets to successful sales funnels.

He has now turned that into a superb training course called “Funnel Sleuth” in which he exposes everything he discovered and got out of me in this exclusive interview.

Today sees the launch of that and because it’s so good and I really want you to pick up a copy for yourself, I decided to add a bribe to the deal to convince you to try it out.

So I was looking through some previous training products of mine and I came across something I’ve never released publicly, but everyone who has seen it has told me I should get it released.

The truth is I didn’t feel it was perfect enough for release, I’d not made the best choice in product name and a handful of services I mentioned in the videos might not be the actual ones I’d choose to use if I was doing this today.

But it’s a totally valid and rocking method to quickly generate sales and put cash in your bank.

Here’s what I’m giving you as a bonus just for checking out Funnel Sleuth…

“The Lazy Internet Income System”.

  • This is a direct, seven step system that anyone can set up and start banking some cash.
  • 10 (fairly short) videos walk you through everything you need to know.
  • Tell you what… rather than have you read a ton of bullet points about how juicy this is, how about I show you the introduction video…

You get The Lazy Internet Income video training series worth $47+ for FREE when you purchase Funnel Sleuth using my link below:


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