Honest Review: Instant Commission Site System

In this video I dig into a product you are probably going to hear a lot about if you’re on lots of lists because affiliates all want their commission and the prize money, even if what they are telling you to buy is as useful as tits on a turtle.

Instant Commission Site System by Ankur Shukla really has little value in my opinion. If it was making you a site you could have a lot of control over, edit/change and host as your own it might have been worthwhile. But it’s just a system where you pass you special ID to the page and it puts your Clickbank links into the posts and things.

The reviews are obviously fake, they all score 9/10 and have thumbs up even when the product in question is a bag of cat sick.

If you do use this kind of site then you use it knowing you don’t have anyone’s best interests at heart other your own and that makes you a bit of a nobber. But since the site won’t magically get traffic it probably doesn’t matter.

Buying this is slightly better than flushing your cash down the toilet. But not much.

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