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More TREWTH! How high ticket coaching in Internet Marketing works.

Let me say right out of the door – this is not a pitch for coaching. But it is a demonstration of an excellent value proposition. You may be aware that I spent most of 2017 and the first part of 2018 running group coaching programs. It’s something I’ve chosen not to offer anymore, but […]

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Why Did I buy a 1996 Touring Caravan? Hint: It won’t be touring anywhere…

Why did Andy Brocklehurst buy this old caravan?

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This is The Trewth.

Someone asked me the other day why I called my new book “The Trewth.” Here’s what I told them…

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How Can You Create and Sell Unique Information Without Having to be an Expert…

So many products, especially in then Internet Marketing niche are simply rehashes of other products.  Some are simply PLR rehashes and others are just someone explaining something they just learnt in their own words. So for example, if Jim wants to write a book on persuasion, he could buy half a dozen books on persuasion, […]

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The closest you can get to real alchemy…

This is what the dictionary says… Alchemynoun, plural al·che·mies for 2, 3. a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practised in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and concerned principally with discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life. any magical power or process of transmuting a […]

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Simple Software Products Are The Future…

I wrote that post title as a chapter heading in a book over fifteen years ago. I was right then… And I’m right now… The only difference is that the platforms have changed. Where as back then it was fine to make software for just PC’s, the world has changed a lot… And the internet […]

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The Perfect Squeeze Page Free Video Training

In a recent post we looked at the layout for the “perfect squeeze page” and much feedback told me that a video tutorial would be really helpful. If you haven’t read the original post then you can find it here. So here it goes…

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The Quick and Easy Guide to Boosting Your Email Response Rates (and Profits)

If you have an email list, then one of your top priorities is to boost the response rate of that list. In other words, you want to engage your readers. You want them to click on your emails and then hang on your every word… In fact you want them to sit by their inboxes […]

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The Perfect Squeeze Page

You know I do a shed load of split tests right? It becomes addictive (yeah even though it sucks at first lol), Anyways this isn’t about doing split tests… it’s about some results that you can benefit from knowing. Screw the data – this is just the usable stuff… I won’t bore you with actual […]

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You probably don’t have what it takes to have your own online business.

This was originally posted six months ago, but is so important I’ve reposted it so it will be seen and help more people.

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