PROOF: You too could have 100+ new subscribers in hours from now.

Let me show you a screen shot… That’s new subscribers that have been generated from one landing page using some quality solo ad traffic (yes that traffic source so many are keen to tell you is dead). And I did it using the landing page and offer that I am currently selling for just $3.99! You can get it here. All I did was configure it the same as I show you in the training videos supplied with it. Then I headed over to… …Udimi and booked a 250 clicks from a decent seller. If you go to Udimi using this link: https://udimi.com/a/ip3b6 you will get a $5 discount on your order. This is the seller I purchased from: Click here for Alan Mcrea’s profile The way I chose this seller? I looked at how many “thumbs up” he had and anyone with 1000+ and hardly any thumbs down is going to be good. My total ad spend was $91 and as you can see it resulted in 115 new subscribers. Best of all I set the signup to redirect to an affiliate offer after collecting their email and made two $20 commissions right off the bat. This means I’ve paid $51 for 115 new subs. That’s $0.44cents each and now those subscribers are going through a follow up sequence which promotes other products. My done for you landing page and give-away for just $3.99 means you could have something like this up and running in minutes and your first ad booked within an hour. Stop making dumb excuses and do this!
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