Public Domain Printshop – Review

Yes! I did another really real, honest review. This time for something I actually quite like.

Kurt Melvin seriously over-delivers for the tiny price he asks you to pay for a wealth of information and knowlege. Even if you end up not using this for “Print on Demand”, the massive collection of public domain resources he gives you, which include images, video, music, software, books, research papers and more would take you HOURS to track down on your own.

If you put a value on your time that exceeds half the minimum wage then you won’t hesitate to bung Kurt less than the price of a pizza meal deal to get hold of this.

Feedback from viewers has been that 20 minutes is too long for a review video. I agree. This one is less than 7 and covers all the important stuff.

You can get your own copy of Public Domain Printshop here:

Here’s a summary of what is said in the video:

This is a product from Kurt Melvin, and it’s all about using material that is freely available to you in the public domain if you know where to look.

And that’s the big challenge – knowing where to look!

But don’t worry, because he’s going to show you where you can find completely free material stuff that’s in the public domain, images, videos, books, music, all sorts of content. And then he’s going to teach you how you can take that content and very quickly, easily and virtually for free turn it into a product you can sell online.

So if you want to get into print on demand, you will love this.

It’s predominantly about mugs and T shirts, and that kind of thing. And there are guys out there making a serious income and serious living from doing this. And what you get here is a fantastic bundle of all the different sources of great public domain content. Stuff that you might stumble across if you search for it yourself, but it would take you hours and hours to hunt down.

So rather than spend hours and hours seeking it out, you can just give Kurt a few bucks, and he will give you this massive package of quality content.

I have been right through this package, and when you download, you are downloading a zip file with all the PDF’s and other files inside it. There’s no download page with a load of adverts and pitches on it. And there’s no upsells or “one time offers” either.

I love Kurt’s style of writing, he is a no fluff, no filler guy. So when you open up a PDF, it’s like, here’s the idea, here’s how it’s done and here’s the sources you need.

He covers all the different tools that you can use, including tools that you can get completely for free.

And if you’re thinking, “but I’m no good. I can’t do t shirts and mugs, I’m rubbish at graphics”, good news is, you don’t have to be good.

You can literally take one of the images from one of the sources that Kurt shows you where to go and get them from, and he’ll show you how to clean it up as well, really easily without any real skills. He even points you in the direction of 100% free tools you can use.

This isn’t just images and things like that either. He has gone out there and he has found sources of video content that’s in the public domain, audio content within the public domain, written content within the public domain. In fact if you name it and if it’s in the public domain, he’s found it for you!

What this product will do is two things; It will save you hours of time because while you could go out and find this stuff by yourself, believe me, you will spend hours and hours and hours searching for it and you probably still wouldn’t find half the decent sources that Kurt has found.

The other thing it will show you is how to turn this free material into viable products, quickly and easily that you can sell and keep the profits from.

And you can list these products on sites that already have a shed load of traffic from people looking for these kinds of products!

This is the kind of product I really love. Someone’s gone out there they’ve done the research, and not only have they done the research, but they’re actually doing this themselves.

And it doesn’t just stop there. He covers so many extra things like he teaches you how you can find software in the public domain that you can resell.

I know the sales page doesn’t look quite as appealing as say, one for an atomic bullshit products that might be out this week…

But he absolutely delivers on 100% on the promises made on the sales page.

I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

No up sells no one time offers, just the product.

So go take a look. Check it out if you want to be able to get hold of an enormous source and teaching on how to turn stuff that’s freely available into money.

Go check it out here:

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