How I write most of my sales copy these days!

I often get asked about copywriting and how I turn out great sales pages so quickly.

The answer is dull.

I cheat.

To be fair, it’s not any kind of naughty cheating…

It’s just a simple “system”.

The same system is applied to almost any information product or software sales copy that I write and here’s the bit that will shock you…
Everytime I use this system, I do so with the instructions opened up in front of me!

Whether someone else is paying me $5k to write a sales page for them, or I’m writing one of my own, if the product is an information product or some kind of simple software I open up my own copy of “System 59” and follow it step by step.

Sure, I do occasionally deviate a little, but I’ve been writing copy for 20 years. But most of the time I stick to the system 100% and can draft out a winner in an hour or two.

Here’s the second shocker…

Anyone who can follow simple instructions can do the same.

Because you can buy your own copy of this system and unlike those guru sales copy courses it won’t take you weeks or months to master and it won’t set you back thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

In fact it costs less than most of you blow on a trip to the movies.

Get yours here and start crafting winning sales pages today.

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