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In a recent post we looked at the layout for the “perfect squeeze page” and much feedback told me that a video tutorial would be really helpful. If you haven’t read the original post then you can find it here. So here it goes… Here is the Convertri Share Code: f29a91c2-6356-11e8-88b1-066f2f7866d2
If you are not a Convertri user and are considering their penny trial, please consider using my link: so if you do continue to use it I will at least get a little bonus out of it – thanks!
Here is the link to the published page:
I deliberately have not linked it to my auto responder, neither does it forward you to the affiliate offer in question.  It is just an example!
In that video I did mention that I was creating some software to make these pages and I have. Here’s a video of it in action: The pages it creates are independent and can be installed on any web hosting (video instructions included). But please remember that the squeeze page is only the tip of the iceberg.  Without a proper email sequence behind it. The optimum sequence in my tests is delivered over a 3 week period (21 days).  They do not get an email every day.  The emails they do get establish you as the expert and also reinforce why they should pick up the product you were recommending. But the emails also introduce another couple of related evergreen products along the way. But no one likes writing these sequences… So a few years ago I invented software that could write an email sequence for almost any niche. But you had to give it all the source material and although it was a massive time saver it didn’t save enough time. So version 2.0 has been in secret development and although it’s not officially released yet, I have created a back door way for my subscribers to get it. Here it is in action: The landing page builder is just $17 for 12 months access (and then optionally renew after 12 months for just $9.95 a year) The sequence writer uses costly API’s to gather the content and spin the writing and so when released to the public will be at least $10 per month (possibly with a special of $97/year).  But right now you can get 12 months access to both for just $67 with the option of further years @ 60% off. Plus… If you pick up the sequence writer I’ll give you the landing page builder free. Buy the Perfect Squeeze Page Maker or Get the Sequence Writer with the Perfect Squeeze Maker FREE!        
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