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The Trewth Report February 2019.

In this months Trewth Report I take a look at what’s been going down in MMO and IM land!

As you probably know, this year I’m doing a monthly newsletter that gives my opinion on what’s going on in the world of IM and MMO.

It’s also a platform for me to make industry predictions, which is something that becomes easy when you’ve been doing this as long as me.

So what’s in this months issue?

  • More PayPal account closures and more on how to protect yourself.  (Pages 2-3)
  • How Amazon can give you the shaft when you did nothing wrong (you thought PayPal was bad? Wait til you see page 6)
  • The C.R.A.P. principles that every marketer should know. (Page 7)
  • How to spot a real gem in a poop pile without paying for either the gem or the poop! (pages 9 & 12)
  • A bunch of killer copy writing tips and tricks.
  • Are you getting fugged over as an affiliate marketer? (You might be, you probably don’t know it either – See page 11!)
  • A real solid content generation idea you’re almost certainly not using but you can and will after reading about it on page 13 of this months “Trewth Report.”
  • A blatant advertisement for another of my products (hey, at least I’m upfront about it – page 15)
  • How to level the playing field when it comes to international copyright law. (page 16)
  • 149 Power words that convert like gangbusters. Just slide some of these into your social posts, blogs, emails and sales letters and watch your conversions rocket.  (Pages 17-23).  And they are completely broken down for you. This could have been a paid report in it’s own right!
  • Plus various other rants, thoughts and ideas from the brain of Andie Brocklehurst!

One of the things you get very good at when you’ve been around any thing you love for a long time is the ability to apparently see the future and be able to call it with stunning accuracy.

This is because with age and experience and being involved in anything for a long time comes some “wisdom.”

All that has really happened is you have taken part in a history that has repeated itself multiple times and so this time when it happens you can KNOW what the outcome will be.

It is with that wisdom that I produce “The Trewth Report” every month.

If you are a member of Society11 then these are INCLUDED with your membership and are posted in  members area.

If you’re not a Society11 member then the quicker you grab your copy of The Trewth Report, the cheaper you get it (price max’s out at $25)

Don’t wait! Last month it didn’t take long for the price to max out!

Sorry – no back issues ever!

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