The Trewth: Stop Eating Baby Food.

I’ve not done a rant in a while… So here goes! Do you know what the biggest problem with most “Internet Marketing Newbies” is? It’s that most of them… Aren’t really newbies… You are a newbie if you’ve been learning and trying for a few months. In that time you can have enough education and you should be out there making some money. More than 3 -6 months and you need to get off “moma’s tiddy” and progress to some finger foods bubba! Ten months ago… I  became a grandfather for the first time (and it’s ace by the way!) when little Joseph arrived. When you’re a grandparent you really get to observe and be aware of their development more and I’ve been loving watching him grow (and I get to see him most days). Joe eats finger foods now, and he shovels them in his gob on his own. He has progressed because he is growing. And GROWING is what most newbies never do. They just keep feeding themselves with shitty low-cost front end IM products, $7 WSO’s that promise they’ll get you results in 44 seconds (yes that REALLY is the claim of a product released recently – 44 seconds!) or that push button riches are just around the corner. And then once they get pulled into they fall for even more stuff like “We’ll take 10 people to $30k a month in our coaching program” – BULLSHIT! Any offer that guarantees to get you to any income level is bullshit. I know, I’ve coached people and I’ve watched as some far exceed expectations and others don’t get off the ground. Why? Because this isn’t for everyone. Because not everyone really wants it or is really going to put in the work required. They want the results but they don’t want to do the work. And if a training program is prepared to make a bullshit claim from the outset? It’s a scam. Just ask anyone who bought the “$247 limited places program program” released by Bill Hugall and Simple Spencer called “The Millionaire Round Table”, which promised they’d take 30 people to 30k for the bargain price of $247. What those poor sods actually got was some really basic newbie training (fair enough, but creating a product funnel is highly unlikely to get you to $30k on your first time out). Then on the third or fourth week the same 30 people who had paid the $247 to show up were pitched a $2,500 offer where only 5 people would get to $30k… Yes the same thing they thought they’d already paid for! In the real world bait and switch is illegal. Just saying! While you stay in the newbie mindset you won’t grow and you won’t generate an income and isn’t that what running a business is all about? Because that is what we are in… Business. And business is for grown ups. So if you want to come play, stop sucking on baby food, learn a real skill like COPY WRITING or follow a real proven plan that doesn’t make outrageous claims. Things like this… Alchemy Profits Issue 4 – How to become a PLR content seller the lazy/easy way (there’s still a little work and you have to take action and implement, but ANYONE can manage this). If you really want to know how the IM bubble works then you should really read The Trewth (if you can handle it).
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