Three really cool and interesting ideas (#3 is a doozy!)

There’s a good chance there’s something for everyone in this post and I am saving the best to last (but no cheating and skipping to number three! If you do you could be missing out on some gems šŸ™‚

In fact, in number 2 I give away a cool way to add massive value to a massively popular niche and outsell your competition.

But again… Don’t skip any!

Here goes…

  1. While I never promote Bitcoin related stuff, this is a really interesting take on profiting from it without losing your shirt, or even your socks.It’s from Dennis and Barb and it’s great thinking: CLICK HERE

    Plus if you purchase their underpriced course from my link you will also get a pack of 12 fresh Bitcoin articles with UNRESTRICTED PLR.
    These were written by one of my junior content writers just for this and you can use/repurpose/sell this content in anyway you see fit!

  2. Amber Jalink has released another colouring PLR pack, and although I don’t usually talk about the low content market, it is one I generate a lot of extra income from.Here’s how…ThinkingĀ outside the box!

    Look, everyone is pumping colouring books out on Amazon and most of them are just meh.

    But with just theĀ smallest of thoughts and effortsĀ you can position colouring books as even more educational…

    AndĀ especially in these lockdown times, with parents in many countries having to suddenly homeschool their kids,Ā the demand for fun, educational, low cost activity books is on the increase.

    So useĀ my special bonus, which is 25 short ‘Fun Facts About Guitars’ and copy and paste facts onto the colouring pages!Ā  Each fun facts short article is actually made up of between one and five facts so there must be well over 75 fact snippets you can use!

    Now you have an activity colouring book that educates!

    What an angle!

    Check out Ambers pack and automatically get my bonus when you use this link: CLICK HERE.

  3. This last one is a stunner! 

    All I am going to tell you is that I got this, I’ve read it, I immediately told a close friend about it and he BOUGHT IT and loves the idea every bit as much as I do.In fact we then spent 2 hours jamming ideas and niches that it would work like gangbusters in.Trust me when I tell you that this is FANTASTIC value at the low launch price and it delivers on every promise it makes.


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