Why Did I buy a 1996 Touring Caravan? Hint: It won’t be touring anywhere…

Just over a week ago I bought this rather ugly, feature loaded (for it’s day), 1996 Abbey Devon, which I imagine was pronounced ‘Dev-ownne’ by the Hyacinth Bucket types of the late 90’s who bought these things to go on holiday in… So if it’s not going touring and I don’t love caravans… Why did I buy it? I bought it because it’s going to become my new office! But why would anyone want to move out of their nice office in the main house and move their work operation into an old caravan? Maybe some of you have grown up kids? We have a mix, but the one thing we’ve found… The grown up ones move away but they visit often, and they need to stay over. What we need is a guest room. And is an old caravan a bad deal? I get to work undisturbed, I get to keep my new birds in it (feathered variety!) and it’s got a fridge! This is the most perfect office/man cave ever… Or at least it will be. As you can see, the decor it came with is a little 70’s, which I thought was odd for a 1996 model, but then I realised the demographic they were going for… Old guffers who thought the 70’s was still hip. Needless to say, those horrible curtains were ripped out right away! The end sofa is gone, an L-shaped desk has been fashioned out of an old Ikea desk and a bargain Tesco Direct eBay clearance offer on a side table which cost me £15.50 delivered! The gas heater has been stripped out, which was fun as it left a hole in the floor which I had to board and fill. The next phase is to paint all that horrible wood, move and fit some extra power sockets and remove the gas cooker. There are big plans for the outside too, but all that will come later.    
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