You probably don’t have what it takes to have your own online business.

It will probably cause offense to some…

If it does and it strikes a nerve then just know that you have the ability to change things.

It’s just most of you won’t.

The vast majority of those looking for ways to make money online are coming from a place which automatically puts them at a massive disadvantage…

They are already too desperate…

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I just want a way to make some quick cash right now”

And of course there are hundreds of marketers who will sell you a magic button system that promises to do that and when you get it you soon find it takes work, effort and investment.

There’s a damn good reason for that…

If making money was push button, effortless easy peasy… everyone would be doing it.


None of what us successful entrepreneurs and marketers do is particularly hard…

But it’s not as simple as pushing a button, and as long as you go on believing that it might be that easy… The longer you will be bitterly disappointed.

None of us are pooping cash when we wake up every day.

“But a sales page said I could make profits in ten minutes!”

And if you believed that then you really are a gullible twat.

Look, I can generate profits pretty quickly these days but that’s because I’ve done all the foundational building of my business.

I have sites, products, a following on social media, an email list and it’s all those things that mean I can have big money days online.

And I can sell you the exact methods I used to get here…

And 95% of you would read it, store that knowledge in your brain and do fuck all with it.

How do I know?

I’ve done it.

I’ve spilled the beans many times over and I can sell hundreds of copies of the training that details it and the statistics will always be the same.

Here is a very approximate breakdown…

  • 60% will see the value and talk about how they will do this… and then won’t.
  • 20% won’t even finish going through the training because another shiney, glitter covered unicorn poo lands in their inbox and since they have the attention span of my yorkshire terrier they run off chasing that instead.
  • 10% will actually start doing what was taught but will quickly get bored and not follow through. Usually declaring to themselves that it’s a bit too work or it’s too hard for them.
  • 5% will scan over it, decide its too much like effort and just ask for a refund.
  • 4% will get value out the content and actually start to build a business and reinvest their profits in growing that business.
  • 1% will seriously see it through and crush it.


Even if someone doesn’t make the top 1% but makes the top 5% they are well on their way to improving their life and future.

And what is the difference between the 5% and the 95%?

Mindset and action.

Let me give you an example…

A launch I did a few years ago, Evergreen Income Machines.

A course I’d previously sold for $147 via webinar direct to existing customers.

At $147 I had almost no refund requests.

This is because people take it more seriously at a higher price point, that and the fact I was brutal on the webinar about the action and effort that was necessary.

In other words…

I prequalified the prospects.

Compare that to breaking down into a “launch funnel” (necessary to get JV’s on board) and offering the training and the base tools for $24.

Now as well as getting genuinely interested folk you also attract the absolute dregs of the Internet. The sort of numb nuts who will zip through the training, action none of it and file a refund request.

Those dreggy buyers fall into different groups, but at the heart of their issues is really one thing…

They can’t be arsed to do something that might seem like effort.

Hell some of them won’t even look shit up on Google.

One guy, let’s call him Kev jumped in and right away was submitting tickets asking dumb-fuck questions. I mean really basic stuff that google will help you with. But instead of googling it he opened tickets with what he could have typed into google as the subject. I guess he felt for $24 he was buying one on one coaching.

We were kind to him, I even accepted his friend request on Facebook.

Two weeks later he decided this was too hard and asked for a refund too.

And here lies the bigger problem…

Not only do some folk think there is a push button magic system that those of us succeeding online aren’t telling them about but they want everything handed to them on a plate for $24.

This is a fucking business.

It’s an investment in your future.

No one on this planet, or any other planet for that matter is going to sell you a complete business and do all the set-up for you and charge you a few bucks.

Now I admit this problem is then made worse by marketers selling that dream. We’ve all seen sales pages promising you a way of making loads of dosh with no effort and in just a few minutes.

They exist because a marketers job is to offer buyers what they want.

Now to be fair it’s also their job to comply with FTC, Trading Standards, OFT (or whatever you have in your country) rules and regulations and there’s a lot of guys who are more than happy to flaunt those rules and make ridiculous claims.

But on the whole, there are a lot of guys happy to teach what they really do. But their stuff will always sell less than those prepared to tell the big lie to those who want to believe it.

Stop buying the “sexy” and start being practical.

If you stop looking for the quick-fix, push button, magic button, bullshit and get real practical you will quickly turn things around. I’ve helped lots of people do it.

Start looking at this as a real business and not a “way to make some quick wonga”.

Realise you need to take action and that none of what we do is really glamorous or sexy.

Learning to write sales copy, split testing, building funnels, creating products, building lists… that’s what real marketers do.

Get training on those things.

Accept that you will have to read and study several different sources to find the ones that resonate and work for you.

Fill the gaps in your knowledge and abilities.

Saying “I can’t do xyz” is bullshit. Either learn it or outsource it.

You need all the pieces of the puzzle.

Getting them will take investment in yourself.

Getting them will mean you have to fail a few times (fail fast, learn and move on).

But how bad do you really want this?

If you are ready to quit fucking around and really put some effort and work into building a business then here’s a few resources to really help you start to make the shift:

Be a Five Percenter – This has changed lives and continues to do so. I am putting the price back up to $97 soon because statistics show more buyers at that price point take action and that’s why I wrote the damn thing.

Content Magic – The fastest way to learn how to create killer content, blog posts, articles, sales letters and everything else critical to the online business. Over 700 pages of swipes, templates and training.

Don’t keep letting month after month be the same old story…

Decide to build a real online business, stop buying dog shit products and shift your mindset.


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