Zen and the art of congruent bonus offerings.

If you’ve been around the “IM” (Internet Marketing) scene for any length of time, you’ll have noticed that many affiliates promote launches using bonuses. This isn’t a debate on how sensible a practice this is, but you eventually come to find out that most of them are just a large pile of resell rights cobblers that was downloaded from a PLR site and most will just be a massive time suck and not really help you. It’s those “woke” people that I generally market to, and when I (occasionally) offer a bonus, it is always something that really adds massive value to the main purchase. When you do this, you no longer need dozens of bonuses, and on many occasions, I’ve topped leaderboards and I was only offering ONE simple bonus. And that simple bonus often takes very little time to put together, certainly a lot less time than it takes to crawl through PLR sites plucking things that probably don’t even work anymore into a folder. The trick here is coming up with a congruent idea, but that’s rarely as difficult as you think. Just start by asking yourself “what remains tricky, or can be made easier for the buyer?” Let’s look at a real example… At the time of writing, Huw Hughes has a PLR launch for a product called Absolute Detox. Don’t worry if that’s not a niche that interests you, this is just an example. When I look at a PLR pack, I know that for many people, editing HTML templates and doing anything technical like that can be really off-putting. So I created a simple bonus. Here’s the video demo of that bonus: You can get Huw’s new PLR and my bonus here: https://lnkto.it/absolutedetox/ If you’re interested in HOW the bonus was put together, then here’s the video of me creating it. Even if you don’t have the same tools that I’m using, the concept behind this is what you’re looking for. I hope this has given you some valuable insight into how easily you can create congruent bonuses that people actually want. You can learn more about SaaSet, the tool I used to create this software without coding (or knowing anything about how to code) here: https://www.SaaSet.com  
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